The Choir rehearse on Thursday evenings 7.00-9.30pm at St Andrews Methodist Church BS34 7PS ....on the A38 just South of Filton Roundabout where Southmead Road, Station Road (Avon Ring road), and the A38 all meet. We welcome new members and would love to see you any week or make yourself known to any chorister at one of our concerts. *N.B. Occasionally rehearsals are held at other venues. Please phone Ian our Secretary on 07941040472 to check where we are going to be so we are ready to welcome you.


Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked by people wanting to join the choir.

Do I need to be able to read music?
No, reading music is by no means essential, in fact only a few of the choir can read music fluently. We learn a lot of music by ear and, over time, you will pick up some music reading skills along the way.

Do I have to sing at every concert?
We understand that everybody is busy and has many commitments, however, all members are expected to attend 75% of concerts each year. After all,  this is where all of the hard work pays off!

How do I join?
It couldn't be easier...first of all, just turn up to a rehearsal* and you can be assured of a welcome. You will get the chance to sit amongst the choir and see if it is for you.

Will I have to audition?
Each prospective member has a 'voice test' with the Musical Director. During this you will be asked to sing a short piece of familiar music to make sure that you can sing in tune, and the MD will decide which section of the choir your voice is best suited to.

Where do the choir travel to?
The choir have travelled extensively over the years. Destinations have included Canada, New York, Virginia, Boston, Poland, Spain, France and Germany as well as some great locations in the UK. Whatever the destination, we always have a great time, with plenty of singing and socialising.

Do I have to have any previous experience of singing?
This can be quite beneficial, but is by no means essential. Many of our members have never sung in a choir before.

What type of music does the choir perform?
We sing a wide range of music from traditional hymn tunes through to songs from stage and screen as well as hits by modern artists. So, in short, a bit of everything!

What benefits are there to being part of a choir?
There is much medical evidence to support the fact that singing is good for your health. As well as this, the social side of the choir is equally important and you will be sure to make some lifelong friendships with like-minded choristers.